Orange Wall Decorations for Contemporary Interiors

Dare to enter colors in your interior decoration! This is the slogan of the year 2012 in the field of interior designing. In this post we are going to focus on the orange color and how to apply it on interior walls. After its heyday in the 60s which was the era of pop attitude, it seems that 2012 will make the second heyday of the orange color. Blazing, energetic and dynamic, let’s see what the color of the year, “Tangerine Tango”, will add to walls. Orange can be applied on interior walls in different tones and for different purposes in all rooms; living room, kitchen, bathroom and hallway. It’s up to you to choose the right shade or the perfect tone of orange that you think will match with the room decoration, but if you are asking about the trend of 2012, know that the tangerine orange is the one.

You can enter the orange color into any wall in your interior depending on the purpose; an orange wall could enrich a black & white decoration in the kitchen or the living room for example while keeping the very modern look. It also may help to boost a room look that you find boring or “too white” for example. And about the kind of wall treatment you will use; there are many choices available. Painting of course would be the first choice for most people, however you can also opt for orange wallpapers with or without motifs; it’s up to you. Now available a lot of wallpaper kinds; there is the one that looks on the wall exactly like mosaic tiles which will add to your room a very distinguished effect. If you choose orange wallpapers with motifs, you may go in this case for retro motifs and patterns that will enrich your wall; note that the retro style and the orange color are a very successful duo.

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