No Ordinary Attic Apartment: Stockholm Penthouse by Sotheby’s

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Got $4.38 million that isn’t doing much? You could invest it in this attic penthouse — and get yourself 2800 square feet of luxurious living through Sotheby’s. This penthouse in Stockholm, Sweden, contains four bedrooms, three baths, and “public” entertaining space for a crowd. Soaring ceilings of pure white allow plenty of avenues for natural light; abundant skylights complement floor-to-ceiling glass and even spare triangular “windows” right next to the roofline. Entered through a private elevator finished in dark mahogany, this sumptuous space boasts an open plan that seamlessly blends kitchen, dining, and living areas in one large central “room.” The dwelling, graced by light wood flooring that ties it all together, draws you in with comfy leather furniture, a handy kitchen island with stools for easy eat-in convenience, and a tall fireplace that makes the dining table and chairs a warm, friendly place to gather.

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Look up: a loft area offers you additional seating in cool white, skylights to read by, and a patterned rug in warm browns to toast your toes. Appliances are streamlined, with equipment hidden in charcoal-toned cabinetry; the bath boasts both a rain shower and a cascade in the soaking tub! Even with minimalist décor, there’s plenty of visual interest here: unobstructed views of Humlegården Park, along with a Spanish balcony on the lower level, bring the outdoors in unobtrusively, but effectively, as “art” in its own right. Yes, it’s pricey (although Sotheby’s claims it’s not the most expensive space in their portfolio!) — but if you’re in a position to enjoy the good life, this is a splendid place in which to live it.

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