Original Decorative Storage Box Designs

Here’s a golden rule in interior decoration: “Since it’s stored, it’s arranged”! Anything hidden in its storage place is of course much better than a mess; that’s why you have to find storage places for all those stuffs that create the messy look we all hate. But where to find a place for all of that: shoes, out of season clothes, electric cables, handcraft tools, jewelry…etc. Seems that boxes now solve any storage problem as they don’t occupy but a small space, they are practical and can fit in any room. So, since storage boxes became important accessories in modern interiors, they must be also decorative, contemporary & stylish. Here are some ideas for modern storage boxes. To store your out-of-season clothes in the dressing or bedroom, you may need a couple of those X-large boxes that can accommodate a lot of pieces. This kind is available in many styles; in the first picture we see them covered with soft felt in an elegant & warm grey color which matches more with a winter atmosphere. Bamboo boxes are the most trendy & fashionable; they really look awesome and they are available in a huge range of colors, shapes & models. For your jewelry, pick one or two small bamboo boxes; they will decorate your dressing table and combine all your accessories in the same place. Even simple cartoon boxes are back! They serve very good to store everything in any room. They too are available in all shapes, colors and sizes; some of them are very stylish and modern looking to be placed in the living room for example, while some other are quite simple and designed especially to be hidden under beds.

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