Original Hallway Decorating Ideas for a Lively Look

If you want to give your hallway an unusual look; lively & dynamic, it’s easy. We present you some interesting ideas to brighten your hallway space and bring to it a unique style. To break the monotony of a long hallway, you can customize the look of the doors which it leads to! With different wallpaper motifs on each of them or different colors, the result can only be very decorative and original. The hallway is a place that has a special nature; it is not only narrow, but is also dark and rarely illuminated by natural light. In order to make it a pleasant place of passage, it is essential to properly illuminate it; put spotlights, wall sconces or large suspensions. Color always have a great effect that dynamic the space, and the hallway is no exception to the rule! Then choose your favorite color to dress the wall, it can be enough to boost the decor. Since the floor space offered by the hallway is reduced, we depend on walls for decoration. Tableaus, large mirror, original coat hooks, strip of wallpaper, a wall shelf with vase or other décor, etc.

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