Oscar De La Renta Resort 2013 Womenswear Collection

My mind, heart and eyes have been taken by your glamorous and classy womenswear collection for resort 2013! The last words are with no doubt being said for the famous creative fashion designer Oscar De La Renta who always tends to wow us! Why am i saying so?, which items does that resort 2013 womenswear collection of Oscar De La Renta includes, yet in which colors, prints and fabrics? and who can pick from them and wear? these questions are what we’re going to know today. So, concentrate with me whether if you’re a fan of De La Renta or not! In either cases, you’ll be charmed and stunned! When you take your first look at Oscar De La Renta’s resort 2013 womenswear collection, you see a plethora of colorful glamorous and chic, but unpretentious items that yet come in diverse styles and are made of different classic fabrics. Let me explain each thing on a side in order to clarify the whole image, okay?! Concerning the colors, our beloved designer has relied on using a vibrant palette of colors such as; white, evergreen, red, a vibrant shade of cobalt blue and others. Besides the diverse vibrant colors used, Oscar has relied on using a group of sexy and artistic prints such as; floral prints and gingham prints. On the other hand, he has made use of a mixture of classic and luxurious fabrics like; cotton, silk, sequin, lace and satin.

Let me not forget to say that the handwork such as; the crochet has appeared in some of the items presented by De La Renta for the resort of 2013. Yeah, honey! As you’re saying to yourself “It seems that De La Renta is walking on his usual fashion road concerning keeping on the old school touches!!”. By now, you have known what sort of fabrics, colors and prints Oscar used in his latest womenswear collection for resort 2013. But what about the items that this collection includes?! Of course, I’m going to mention some of those stunning items or may be all of them. Just let me start!! But before doing so, can i ask you to take a look again at the collection? Okay, you looked at it! Then, for sure you’ve noticed that the peplum has been one of the gorgeous items that were presented by Oscar De La Renta for the resort of 2013. By the way, it has come either in the form of classy and tidy dresses or tops. Since i’ve brought that, I have to tell you that the peplum tops have been paired with super hot high waist and perfectly tailored black trousers. Besides the peplum tops & dresses and tailored trousers, the collection has also presented ensembles which have been mostly made of printed fabrics. Actually, that has made them look in the most eye catching way.

Plus those glamorous items mentioned above, Oscar hasn’t forgotten to present various styles of women’s suits such as; skirt suits, & short suits besides pantsuits which have mostly come in gingham prints. For sure, girls and women know very well that the suits are of Oscar’s archetypes, right? What else has Oscar presented in his resort 2013 collection and been of his archetypes?!! I hear someone saying; “columnar dresses”. How smart are you?! In fact, I was saving them for the end, but you said them!! Besides those columnar dresses which have taken all the eyes during the resort 2013 show, Oscar has presented a parade of gorgeous and stunning cocktail dresses. The last items that I’m going to conclude our talk with are the sequined baseball t-shirt which has been paired with an elegant gingham ball skirt. Can you imagine how that combination looks like?! A super, super amazing and stylish, yet creative look, isn’t it?! Now, since there’s nothing to say or do more, I’m going to say good byes! Just don’t forget to take a look at the attached pictures of Oscar De La Renta resort 2013 collection for women!

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