Outdoor Furniture Made Easy — and Durable from Herman Miller

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No matter what climate we live in, we all love the outdoors when the weather’s nice, and it’s no accident that so many of us want to create special outdoor living spaces at home. The folks at Herman Miller understand this: “It’s natural for us to live and think and move beyond the indoors — a move made ever more possible with technology,” they say. “Keeping in mind this desire toward more time spent in exterior spaces, we offer… furnishings crafted for work and play using the same design philosophy as our interior pieces, and prepped to withstand the elements.” They’re right: some of us work outdoors, thanks to tablets and laptops; but even for playtime, a blend of beauty and durability is important. Fortunately, as this selection shows, that combination is easy to find.

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White or black tables finished in marble, glass, or laminates; open-mesh, Adirondack, and curved lounge chairs; even stylized wrought iron fits in with patio or pool areas with ease. The lines are uncluttered, without nooks or corners to catch moisture or dirt — so the furniture is easy to clean and keep beautiful. And with a selection of items in neutral palettes, not only can you mix and match them easily, but they’ll go with any décor or color scheme already in place. Picture sets of square tables and matching chairs for a garden party, outdoor wedding, or barbecue — or large round marble-finished tables, with hurricane lamps for atmosphere, dressing up an intimate alfresco feast. These are just a few examples of durable furniture with flexibility and panache — to make indoor/outdoor living easy and fun.

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