Keep acquainted with the best outdoor decorating ideas, lighting, furniture sets, and more. You will see lots of designs for your yard, veranda, terrace, deck and even small balcony. The best outdoor décor for each season is also found here to update your outdoor space and enjoy it in the right way according to the season.

  • West-Virginia-Retreat-Surrounds-Landscape-Architecture_01

    Dive into a Magical Garden: West Virginia Retreat by Surrounds Landscaping

    Behind a pergola-topped garden gate and nestled around a West Virginia cottage is this delightful series of outdoor rooms from Surrounds Landscape Architecture. Of course, you know you’re on to something special even at the front of the home, with its beckoning shallow stone steps, evergreens, and softly waving ornamental grasses, but it’s beyond that wooden gate where the magic happens. Approach it via flagstones edged with lily gardens and tiny photovoltaic lights, walk through the stone arch, and you’re...

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  • Garden-Flooring-Art-in-Green_03

    Garden Beauty from the Ground Up, with Flooring by Art in Green

    Gardens are only as good as their foundations: the soil, the water, and the growing environment all play a part. In these garden shots by Art in Green, we see another dimension of outdoor living foundations — the flooring elements that complement lawns, flowers, and other landscape ingredients. A solid ipe or other wood decking adds greatly to the beauty and usability of outdoor rooms, enhancing al fresco dining or even just relaxation in lounges next to a pool. And...

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  • Mount-Airy-by-Surrounds-Landscape-Architecture_05

    Rambling Levels of Fun: Mount Airy by Surrounds Landscape Architecture

    With a cheery buttercup-yellow traditional house at its heart, this Mount Airy estate gives its owners everything they need for splendid outdoor living and entertaining in this lavish design by Virginia’s Surrounds Landscape Architecture. Amble along the cobblestoned walk toward shallow steps formed by flat, long boulders, and you find the heart of the back yard: an oversized shelter that houses a delicate wrought-iron al fresco dining set and a full outdoor kitchen to make meals a breeze. Immediately fronting...

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  • Small-Gardens-Anthony-Paul-Landscape-Design_01

    Small but Mighty: Gardens in Miniature from Anthony Paul Landscaping

    Good things come in small packages: that’s truer than ever in these small gardens by Anthony Paul Landscape Design. Paul explains, “Strong design and a sense of scale is even more critical within a small garden.” Indeed, you’ll notice here that whether the yard appears to be bigger than the house or just a “postage-stamp” out back, a sense of scale makes both halves work well together. Paul goes on to more specifics: “Geometry and block, bold planting are key...

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  • Green-Oasis-in-the-City-by-Jacques-van-Leuken_02

    Green Retreat in the Midst of the City by Jacques van Leuken

    If you don’t have a country estate, this is the next best thing: a serene space in the midst of the city by Dutch landscaper Jacques van Leuken — what he calls “a green oasis in the urban desert.” You get an immediate “oasis” feel from the waves of grass carpeting the incline between front entrance and driveway; the home itself blends in with garden colors, in its low-lying façade and wood grain and brick finishes that harmonize so well...

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  • Garden-Design-Willoughby-by-Secret-Gardens_01

    An Adventure in Contrasts: Willoughby by Secret Gardens

    With a fantastic interplay of warm and cool elements, this New South Wales residence boasts a front and back garden that form a wonderful counterpoint to each other in a tidy design by Sydney’s own Secret Gardens. Approach the main entrance of the home and you see a classic plan that complements a period home: sandstone paving, ornamental pears, lilly pillys, gardenias, buxus hedges, and a gorgeous dark stone circular water fountain. It’s an epitome of well-trimmed, tailored, and cool...

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  • Longueville-by-Secret-Gardens_03

    Understated Garden Genius: Longueville by Secret Gardens

    In a beautiful waterfront setting, this suburban Sydney, Australia, garden nicely complements the contemporary home it surrounds in this cleverly restrained design by Secret Gardens. As you gaze down toward the shore, terraced beds move from espaliered trees along white concrete walls, through spiky native plants and boxwood to ferns and ground cover, with colorations from deep green to spring green to silver. Among the multiple levels of these outdoor “rooms,” you’ll find a wood deck with a sitting area,...

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  • Garden-Design-Caringbah-by-Secret-Gardens_01

    Seaside Dream Garden at Caringbah, Sydney, by Secret Gardens

    When you’re building a dream home on the water, as these clients did, you want to make the outdoor space at the shoreline as much a “dream” as you can, too. That’s what these homeowners got when they consulted Secret Gardens for help at their home in Caringbah, a suburb in the south end of Sydney, Australia. It’s a terrific natural setting, with great panoramas of boats on the water, unbroken expanses of horizon and sky, and plenty of sunshine...

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  • Vibrant-Surroundings-by-Surrounds-Landscape_07

    Vibrant, Colorful Garden of Delights by Surrounds Landscape Architecture

    When you think of a “vibrant” life, you no doubt think of an environment bursting with color, light, and activity, and that’s what you see here in this splendid layout from Surrounds Landscape Architecture. From the wide, spacious driveway, you drive into this welcoming property through a timbered main gate edged by blooming shrubs…or, alternatively, simply stroll through the walker’s gate off to one side. Either way, you step into a place of delights from the large round stone planters...

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  • Hampton-2-by-OFTB-Landscape_01

    Big Outdoor Living in Small Spaces: Hampton 2, Melbourne, by OFTB

    In an amazing arrangement that makes the most of a small space, this compact outdoor living and entertaining area in suburban Melbourne has everything you could want for a great time day or night, through a creative design from Australia’s OFTB Landscape and Pool Construction. Using a host of natural materials, OFTB has provided the lucky owners with an oversized spa complete with a raised wall, a cascading waterfall, and a seat; the water is enclosed in a clear glass...

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