Panoramic Horse-Friendly Property by Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

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Developing a horse-friendly property is no small feat — especially when it entails working around fire codes and particular requirements where proposed buildings will be sited. Fortunately, the California firm of Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group collaborated closely with the owners’ architect to put together a master plan for the property from the ground up. It encompasses a new home, barn, and cabana, as well as a new pool and spa, patios, guest house gardens, a riding ring, and pastures. From the main house, lighted stone steps edged with floral color bridge the gap through a sloping yard in a leisurely path toward outdoor living areas that afford beautiful views of the rolling countryside — just beyond the white picket fence — as well as a welcome haven to entertain family and friends.

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The heart of the outdoor space is the pool and spa combination, equipped with up-lighting for starlit nighttime splash parties and cookouts next to the warm stone fireplace. The cabana itself is spacious, constructed in stone to match the main house, and provides space ample for changing and/or shelter from the elements when needed. A more private back patio is a cozy setting of chairs and portable fire pit; here, the ambience is cool, green, and quiet. Terraces of all levels create their own privacy “fencing” around the pool and fireplace — a nice touch anytime. Overall, the mood is elegant and sophisticated, with the feeling of open space, lush greenery, and casual style — an enjoyable haven for both horses and the people who love them.

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