Parquet Flooring Ideas for all Decorating Styles

The parquet is a very chic floor covering that doesn’t just bring warmth and natural spirit into the place, but also it is suitable for each room of the house from the bathroom to the bedroom. In addition, it’s an elegant floor covering that perfectly matches with any decorating style and any furniture design. If it was previously confined and reserved for classic & traditional interiors, wood parquet floors are making their strong back to decorate all modern interior floorings even the most contemporary & minimalist. Trendy, colorful and warm; the parquet is now diversified as well with imitations of all kinds. Parquet flooring designs are preferred for their natural spirit and warm ambience that satisfy all our decoration desires. Away from classic parquet designs, modern parquet floors also knew a great success for their authentic side; with oiled patina, antiquated, brushed finishes, they add a very decorative effect and look so beautiful with all interior styles.

Living rooms and bedrooms are often the places where parquet floors are used; that was before, today the charm and aesthetic of parquet floor models is decorating the rest of the house. Only remember to choose a parquet floor kind that’s adapted to particular spaces where water is used a lot like Kitchens or bathrooms. The market offers today a big range designed and treated accordingly to resist the problems of moisture, temperature changes, repeated passing, etc., so you can enjoy the very pretty look of parquet wherever you want. Besides being so elegant, parquet offers a major advantage: it is a floor covering that’s very easy to maintain. To have a beautiful and bright parquet floor for years, focus on its resistance by opting for lacquer or brushed kinds, also choose solid wood flooring in oak, beech, pine or bamboo.

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