Part Brit, Part Aussie in Beverly Hills: Crescent by Chris Barrett

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Besides being truly a house to dream of, this home is a splendid mix of what is called “classic elements of British Colonial architecture…infused with Australian influences,” on the site of the interior designer, Santa Barbara, California’s own Chris Barrett Design. This home in Beverly Hills houses a large family, and they have plenty of space to spread out: take a look at the entry foyer, with its magnificent staircase, and you’ll get a hint of the sumptuous style awaiting you. Exquisite woodworking is everywhere, from the ornate carved table and mirror in the entry all the way up the stairs, to an upstairs gallery lined with bookshelves and crowned by a hanging square-glass chandelier. Everywhere you look, you can see the influence of both the British and Australian style in sweet, subtle detail.

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Parquet floors and open-weave chairs impart an island ambience, set off nicely against floor-to-ceiling velvet draperies, coffered ceilings, and framed landscapes. An open-plan living room bears generous marks of an all-American farmhouse seating area, cozy afghans and all, while the kitchen is a prime gathering spot with enough cabinets surrounding the handy center island to warm any cook’s heart. Speaking of warmth, you’ve got an embarrassment of choices here: curl up on a plush couch by a sitting-room fireplace…or in a high-backed leather chair fronting another one, in a study any British gentleman would enjoy. Richly polished woods, subtle Oriental prints on rugs and upholsteries, and wide windows washing the interior with light…they’re all a part of this delightful California mix that says “home,” skillfully executed by Chris Barrett.

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