Paul Stafford Hairstyles

Paul Stafford is one of the famous and popular hairstylists in Britain and you may say in the whole world. Paul Stafford is the owner and the manager of one of the most famous British hair salons which is the ” Paul Stafford & Beauty ” hair salon. For many years, Paul Stafford has showed to the whole world a great talent and high fashion & beauty sense. That’s why he has been a winner to many awards and fellowships like; the HJ Hairdresser of the year, the Hairdresser for the year …etc. Despite being the hairdresser of the year more than one time, Paul has faced some drawbacks and problems in his career life. But Paul has overcome on those drawbacks and problems and continued his career life with much more creativity and enthusiasm than before!.. Anyway, Paul has been so creative and artistic in making the stylish, fashionable and elegant hairstyles for both men and women. Those hairstyles haven’t been limited on certain haircut, but on the contrary Paul has created various hairstyles for the different haircuts; the long, the medium and the short!.. My last words are applied on the women as well as the men!.. Beside that, Paul has been so diverse and picky with the hair colors he’s used. Paul has presented many stylish, modern, fashionable and elegant hairstyles for men. Some of the hairstyles that have been presented by Paul are the bald head, the fade hairstyles, the messy hairstyles, the curly hairstyles and the straight hairstyles. Also, he has presented the textured hairstyles, the wedge cut hairstyles, the bob hairstyles and the spiky hairstyles.. On the other hand, Paul has created the most feminine, spectacular, stunning, stylish and glamorous hairstyles. Some of the women hairstyles made by Paul Stafford have been funky, punk and bold hairstyles.. So, let’s see some of those women hairstyles.. Paul has made use of the simple and glamorous straight hairstyles, the curly hairstyles and the wavy hairstyles. Add to those hairstyles the following ones; the dreadlocks, the braids, the choppy hairstyles, the layered hairstyles, the shaggy hairstyles and the messy hairstyles.. Paul hasn’t stopped at that far, he has also presented the following hairstyles; the pixie cut hairstyles, the classic bowl cut hairstyles and the wedge cut hairstyles.. All of those women hairstyles made by Paul haven’t been less stylish, fashionable than the men’s hairstyles. It seems that beside being creative, Paul has been so fair!!!.. So by now, all my dear ladies and gentle men can get a very trendy and stylish look by just picking any of Paul Stafford’s hairstyles, wear it and enjoy their new great look!!!…

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