Paula Dorf Professional Brush Care Gentle Shampoos

Make up brushes are often used and by time they get accumulated by makeup powder, when these brushes are not clean you feel like throwing them away and they also become brittle and get easily covered with dust. The solution for all your makeup brushes is this new Paula dorf professional brush care shampoos. There are two products that will take good care of your brushes, get them clean and soft. One of the products is the PAULA DORF PROFESSIONAL BRUSH CARE- BRUSH OUT BATH, which is a very gentle conditioning shampoo to wash all your makeup brushes just by adding some of it through your hands and cleaning your brushes gently with it. The other product is the PAULA DORF PROFESSIONAL BRUSH CARE- BRUSH OUT, which comes in the form of a gentle cleansing sprayer shampoo. Just spray some of it on a cotton and rub your makeup brush gently with it to remove all accumulations ot dust. After washing your brushes they will be back to life and are ready to use as if they were new again.

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