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  • Awesome DIY Pet Projects that will add a Stylish Touch to Your Home_1

    Awesome DIY Pet Projects that will add a Stylish Touch to Your Home

    Often, when you think of building a doghouse, you do not think of the doghouse becoming a delicate addition to your home décor. Often the house is a plain wooden shack, placed in the front or backyard, sometimes even the porch of the house. Thanks to enterprising DIYers, today we are able to offer you a number of excellent ideas on how to make your pet’s home a home within your home. If you are handy with your hands or...

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  • Stylish-Eve-Home-Projects-How-to-Create-a-Play-Yard-for-Your-Cat_01

    A Play Yard for Your Cat: Modular Cat Climbing Wall by Catswall Design

    The perfect play yard can be hard to find, luckily for those who are crafty; creating your own play yard is easy to do. If you live in the US, being crafty just became even easier with new franchises, such a Tech Shop. Several of the locations, attached to Lowe’s or Home Depot, have supplies readily available for you to use. If you are not crafty, but would like to learn, there are several classes each month that will teach...

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  • The-Curvynest-by-Catwall-Design-is-One-of-a-Kind_3

    The Curvynest by Catswall Design is One of a Kind

    When was the last time you could say, “I love my new, stylish, cat bed”? The Curvynest, by Catswall, not only has an intriguing design, but it is also functional for those of you who have a multi-cat household. The design of the cat bed is curvy and stylish, and will become a topic of conversation for anyone who sees it. The microfiber fabric makes the Curvynest easy to clean and the bed is lightweight, but sturdy enough that your...

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  • Luxury-Dog-Beds-that-Will-Add-a-“Bite”-of-Style-to-Your-Home_17

    Luxury Dog Beds that Will Add a “Bite” of Style to Your Home

    When you think of your dog, the word luxury is seldom at the front of your mind. Unless you have an expensive, dog-show breed pup, such as a Pomeranian, stylish accommodation has not been a priority. Your pet’s furniture can and should be a decorative part of your home. The Doggie Couture Shop provides excellent luxury dog bed options that will “wow” your visitors and provide more than the occasional topic of conversation. There are a number of beds available,...

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  • Out-of-Sight-Luxury-Canopy-Dog-Beds_06

    Doggie Couture Shop: Out of Sight Luxury Canopy Dog Beds, in Plain Sight

    You know that moment, after you finish decorating your home and everything looks great, until your eyes land on the scruffy looking dog bed. For years, this eyesore to home decor has landed pet beds in the garage, one of the kids' rooms, a spacious bathroom, or even outside. The Doggie Couture Shop provides you with several alternative dog beds that will not only make a great addition to your home décor, but also win the admiration of your visitors....

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  • Unique-Cat-Beds-for-Pet-Lovers _07

    Unique Cat Beds for Pet Lovers

    While not always available at every store, pet beds with wicker frames, plastic styled with modern curves, and even unique plush designs can be found and purchased as an alternative to the overly kitsch options usually available. These beds range from the cute to the elegant and everything in between, and among them are a variety of options that can fit into anyone’s idea of the perfect bed for their cat. For example, some styles appear to have been made...

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