A Play Yard for Your Cat: Modular Cat Climbing Wall by Catswall Design

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The perfect play yard can be hard to find, luckily for those who are crafty; creating your own play yard is easy to do. If you live in the US, being crafty just became even easier with new franchises, such a Tech Shop. Several of the locations, attached to Lowe’s or Home Depot, have supplies readily available for you to use. If you are not crafty, but would like to learn, there are several classes each month that will teach you a variety of skills. Many call this franchise the adult version of “wood shop”. To complete the wall backing of this project, you will need machinery and a shop to work in, such as Tech Shop. This modular climbing cat wall hanging system by Catswall Design is easily replicable.

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The rest of this project is easy to complete in your garage with a small handsaw. If you do not want to complete a project this extravagant, you can easily recreate a scaled down version that is stackable or simply drilled into a two by four, flanking the wall. You would not want to drill a project like this directly into your dry wall; you must have something to brace it against the wall. Finally, have fun while you work, if you have a family this is a great family project to do together. Your kids can even add doodles to the woodwork or paintings. At the end of the day, your cat will not be the only one who has fun as the result of a great project such as this one.

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