A Potpourri of Vintage and Modern: Classic House by Grosu Art Studio

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Not many home designs of Moldova’s GAS (Grosu Art Studio) would be deemed “classic”: they are known for young, spirited, and contemporary styling that frequently makes a chic, cool statement. In this “Classic House,” however, modern color schemes meet some very traditional detailing in an eclectic mix that wouldn’t be too unfamiliar to even a vintage home fan. The scrollwork ceiling, gleaming pillars, and mirror-image border on a shining marble floor bespeak an elegant mansion with throwback touches of all the best kind. Contemporary, yes, in smooth grays and whispery whites — but with whimsical daisies grouped at the top of tall white vases, this place also feels like home. Bedrooms with wrought-iron chandeliers and sumptuous deep-red canopied headboards would work fine in a landmark hotel…while unmistakably modern in both color and line.

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The open floor plan, seamlessly binding living, dining, and kitchen areas together, is a contemporary trademark; kitchen appliances are almost invisible in a wall of white cabinetry accented only by a stainless steel accent or two. The vent hood is a cylinder of chrome; the chandelier over the glass-topped dining table is a string of crystal lights that sparkle even in daytime. A modern painting brings in tones of deep blue, cheerful green, and gold; a cool gray living room features armchairs and hanging lamps in a warm burgundy. Most striking of all in this particular blend is the artwork: a cityscape mural is tucked between shelves in the living room, and a sailing ship hovers over the indoor pool! It’s cutting-edge without sharp corners: that’s this classic house from Grosu Art Studio.

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