Practical Kitchen Designs

Are you looking for stylish modern kitchen ideas? Check out this collection; it includes more than 35 models for contemporary kitchen designs. If you are looking for a functional kitchen that looks trendy but not too expensive, you can buy a nice one from IKEA which is known by its simple, modern yet cheap furniture. The first white model in the pictures below is an IKEA production; it costs 685 € and it is so stylish, practical and not occupying but a small space. Another fashionable yet cheap model is the black & red one; it’s called Diva Kitchen from Castorama and it only costs 849 €. It’s made of MDF and finished with glossy black & red lacquered; it looks very trendy and up-to-date. If you can pay much more than that, you will find between the designs below some expensive models from Cuisinella and other kitchen producers if you are interested in one of those models .

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