Practical Shower Screens for Modern Bathrooms

Whether you choose a walk-in shower or a traditional shower, the glass shower screen is always very practical to avoid getting water all over the bathroom while preserving your privacy. We present you a collection of contemporary shower screens including different models & designs that will beautify your modern bathroom through their stylish looks. To bring a decorative touch to the bathroom, you can opt for a shower screen model in which part of the glass is decorated with a pretty pattern like the arabesque motif for example. This will add a charming look to the bathroom and soften the effect of raw materials, in addition, this part can offer more intimacy as it will hide the body. If you have a walk-in shower, you may want to define the space without closing it; to do that, choose a shower screen that you place it in front of the shower to allow free access from each sides. For more practicality, the shower screen can work as a towel holder as well. In the pictures below, there is a model where the shower screen is in fact covering half of the shower, and from the outside; there is attached to it a chic towel holder in stainless steel. This way you will have your towel in hand easily and it won’t get wet because it’s away from water. For a luxurious & unique look; you can opt for a shower screen with LED light integrated in the glass. This style will create a very original & luxurious ambience in the bathroom thanks to the LED lighting effect. There are also many other creative designs such as the colored glass shower screens and the ones composed of many glass bricks. This last one can be applied in the normal glass color or any other color, it looks really original when the glass bricks are in a multitude of colors; this can bring to the bathroom a very stylish pop ambience.

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