Practical & Space-Saver Furniture Designs for Small Interiors

Nowadays, most of us live in small interiors unlike the traditional wide houses of yester years; therefore, our big problem is usually the space and how to maximize it. Fortunately, there is now a multitude of clever and practical furniture ideas to save space. They are designed for bedrooms, living rooms or kitchens, and they offer us a more spacious interior while being decorative at the same time. In this post, we are focusing on the most essential space-saver furniture that would be very practical in all small interiors. The table exists in two smart versions to optimize space: the “all in one” table and the adjustable table. The “all in one” table hides seats under it: the size of these is adapted to fit neatly under the table and thus save space. The adjustable table works as coffee table and dining table with legs crossed for adjusting its height; no need then for a dining room. The sofa bed which was the traditional solution to save space for many years; its performances have considerably improved lately. The sofa bed must be chosen carefully, especially if it’s your main sleeping. Remember, it wears out faster than a normal sofa because it has a dual purpose. The covering, the suspension and the seat are the main criteria that should not be neglected while choosing a sofa bed. The mezzanine bed is ideal if you live in a studio or if you want to make a duplicate in your room (bedroom and office, bedroom & living, etc.). You can install a workspace, storage, or relaxing sofa under the mezzanine and the bed remains an intimate and protected place.

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