Prada Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

‘Indeed, it’s a massive, yet fancy show!’, that’s one of the most suitable statements that can describe Prada men’s fall / winter 2012 fashion show which has taken place at Milan. Everything about that show has been very fancy, yet unique from the decoration & the models used to the presented items! Concerning the models, when you take a look on Prada men’s fall / winter 2012 fashion show, you can see famous actors like; Tim Roth, Willem Dafoe, Adrien Brody and Gary Oldman.. By the way, those superstars haven’t been sitting among the show’s audience, on the contrary they were used as models!! Of course, they were not the only models. That’s one of the things that has made Prada fashion show sort of special and standing out from the other shows. On the other hand, Miuccia Prada has presented the most polished and elegant fashion trends that can catch the eyes of any man regardless of his age! Prada got inspired in this fall / winter 2012 menswear collection by the Power. Every aspect of the collection has indicated that, from the colors & fabrics to the designs made! Concerning colors, the collection has mainly relied on cheerful, yet powerful colors like; dull purple, mustard, rose and bright white.. That’s besides some dark & elegant colors like; black and the dark tones of gray. On the other hand, the collection has combined between rich, yet warmy fabrics like; wool and fabrics which have been full of cheerful motifs. You have to know that all of the used fabrics have had a sort of vintage touches and that is yet another thing that has contributed in adding more glamour and elegance to the collection.. I think that enough talking about colors & fabrics used and let’s move on to see the hits of the collection.. One of the most elegant items that the collection has included is the coats. You can even say that coats were one of the most playful items! I’m saying so as Prada has presented various styles of coats in that collection.. For example, the collection has included belted coats and double-breasted coats. You have to know that some of those coats have been made from rich, yet full of prints fabrics and they’ve been grafted by fur at the peak-lapels.. Besides those elegant coats, the collection has presented one of the most confusing items; at least to me!! Really, I couldn’t understand whether they’re long vests with belts or long belted & sleeveless coats! The collection has also included double-breasted jackets and pinstripe jackets which have been grafted with flowers in the high pockets. Besides all the last mentioned items, you have to know that Prada fall / winter 2012 menswear collection has also included shirts and turtle neck tops.. All of those presented items have been very elegant, glamorous and chic, yet sort of vintage! You can say that they’ve been sort of unique! What shall we except from Prada fashion house rather than elegance, chicness and uniqueness?!! I think that I don’t have any more words to say except; “Enjoy having such an elegant and glamorous collection like Prada fall / winter 2012 collection!”

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