Pretty Kitchen Tools in Springy Colors from Brandt

The spring is finally here! Let’s make our interior decoration express the joyful spirit of the spring & summer. The kitchen too will celebrate the spring with joy, freshness and good mood; how? Brandt has the answer! With a new collection in which tangy colors are coming to dress small appliances and tools with cheeriness and delight to make the cooking area an irresistible place. Here’s a toaster reserved for the fairer sex! Dressed entirely in delicious pink, it brings a delightful girly touch to the kitchen. The sunbeam in going to enter all kitchens, even the darkest one, with this dainty ice cream maker in luminous yellow color! Also available in pink, green or orange; the tangy look will refresh the kitchen atmosphere. What could be healthier than starting the day with a freshly squeezed juice full of vitamins? Brandt offers beautiful juicers in green apple color to be a source of vitamins for you as well as for your kitchen decoration! It’s too hard to resist this adorable purple kettle in which the design is not the only asset! With its adjustable temperature, it infuses all types of beverages customized for the delight of tea and coffee lovers. Pink, green or turquoise: this cute teapot is available in these 3 refreshing colors for the pleasure of the eyes! Any of those three colors will, besides the tasty round shape of the teapot, add a very cheerful touch to your kitchen’s décor. Brandt presents also a new generation of microwaves named “Sputnik” that you’ll love its spherical shape and orange color, also available in glass, purple or dark blue. This multifunctional mixer is not without benefits; it beats, it kneads and it weighs the food. As for its design in half white, half lime green, we can say that it’s the touch that will create a pop effect in the kitchen.

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