Prom Hairstyles 2012

“Teck, teck, dom, 2012 is going to be the year of my prom!”. I know nonsense and maybe, sort of awful lyrics, but the bright side is that they are sort of funny. Don’t think that i come today to discuss that silly, funny or whatever song with you! Of course not, I come to present a parade of the most stylish and eye catching prom hairstyles which are so trendy in 2012. The flowing or loose down dos are absolutely of the most sexiest and romantic hairstyles that you can wear in your prom this year. I hear somebody saying; ”Like usual!”. Yeah, my dear woman! I think they can’t be tossed out of any year’s hairstyling trends. Hence, like usual you can either straighten or add curls / waves of any type to your hair; loose, medium, natural, finger and soft. One of the newest hair trends this year is that you can slick your hair back and let it flow with the air! Can you imagine how sultry and classy you would look with a slicked back hair which is falling down?! You seem that you’re not so keen on sporting any style of the last mentioned hairdos, right? If so, there’re still many other options in front of you. For example, you can opt for sporting the half up half down dos or as being called half updos especially if you’re looking for romantic and soft, yet eye catching look.

The third prom hairstyles that my dear women can opt for this year are the ponytails. This year, you can opt for sporting the low, mid height, high, side swept or looped ponytails. All of them are sexy, glam and super hot. The next hairstyles which are slightly more complicated than the ponytails but still can give you the same look or maybe more are the braids. You can sport any style of them as; French, milkmaid, fishtail or classic ones for your proms and still be coping with the trends. Whether you’re going to sweep your braid a side or let it at the back, be sure that you’re going to look in both cute and attractive ways. Can you guess with me which hairstyles else you can sport at your prom? Girls, i mean young women, concentrate! Stop it, you can absolutely sport the updos. You have wide range of the prom updo hairstyles to pick of and wear starting from the simple and cute buns to tidy and neat chignons, twisted and braided updos. Of course, you are aware that you can place your updo high, low, side swept besides you can keep it loose or super tight.

Why are some of you shouting?! What, you’re the women with short hair that can’t help you to sport any of the last mentioned hairstyles. So what?! You can sport any style of the following; short bob and pixie haircuts. In addition, you can sport the quiff and slicked back hairstyles. All of them have very, very sexy and attractive look. Let me tell you that you can increase the glamour, stylishness and attractiveness of your hair regardless of its styles, cuts or even lengths by applying a simple and sweet trick. That trick is to use any of the hair accessories as; clips, combs or headbands. If you don’t like any of those accessories, then you can braid some strands of your hair and that can definitely give you the same stunning look or even more. I think that now is the time of farewell. Just before it, let me remind you with some important things or may be only one thing, whatever! You need to keep in your minds to pick the hairstyles that are suitable for your facial details and hair type besides the theme of your proms and dresses or outfits as well. Since there’s nothing more left to be mentioned, let me tell you good byes and enjoy rocking all your collegues and friends by your glamorous, shiny and stunning look. Just don’t forget to sing my song!!

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