PUMA Fashion Accessories for Women

This is a very nice collection of fashion accessories from PUMA; it includes stylish hats and belts in different styles. PUMA hats are casual, athletic and perfect in spring & summer; they give you a stylish look and protect you from the sun during your sportive day. PUMA hats are made of cotton with only 2% polyurethane to be comfortable and to give your head good breathability, they are in black or white colors with the famous PUMA cat logo on the front left as well as a front trim in a contrasting color; you can choose between a red, black or blue logo for the white hat while the black one is only available with a white logo. Those stylish hats are available in different sizes from S to XL. Also available the PUMA Golf Retro model which is 100% made of cotton with adjustable closure to fit all sizes. This model is available in black, white and blue aster. PUMA belts look so cool and trendy; 100% made of leather with metal buckle having the PUMA cat logo on front, they are available in sizes from S to XL and in different stylish colors; black, white with multi-color lines and blue with black frames.

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