More-Than-Pure-White Apartment: Colorful Warmth by Grosu Art Studio

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This inviting contemporary apartment takes pristine white and purely modern style and injects warmth into what could be a sterile “feel” through use of earth tones and bright colors in this “friendly” design by GAS (Grosu Art Studio). Bathed in natural light that reflects a soothing ambience overall, the décor also features lines of pendulum lights and recessed “pot” lighting to provide extra illumination by night. Drawing its inspiration from abstract art on walls and in carefully-positioned accent spots, the design sets forth a palette that includes chocolate brown, golden yellow, and even a touch of magenta — a combination that might not sound appetizing at first but which works beautifully here. One key to how to make those disparate elements work is in the genius of clever restraint.

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One example? Take a look at the transparent yellow-orange wall that echoes the colors of the chairs fronting the central kitchen island. Just enough “gold”…not too much. Another key to making these widely differing hues harmonize is texture: chocolate-brown in a sharp rectangle might not soften pure white, but in softly gathered window curtains, it provides a wonderful contrast to polished edges and clean-lined simplicity. You can find more splendid texture and color in plump couch cushions and bright yellow print pillows…a casual charcoal throw across the bed…and, of course, the nice touches of living green in tiny topiary trees and potted plants. Plush rugs underfoot give your toes a warm “walk” even as your spirits are cheered by the color — it’s a great modern mix, put together skillfully by Grosu Art Studio.

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