Quick Christmas Treats For All Your Cookie Monsters

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Got cookie monsters in your house? Keep them happy this Christmas with a wide variety of goodies done the easy way, as in this selection of suggestions from Better Homes & Gardens (bhg.com). The basic sugar cookie gets dressed up all kinds of ways here: with frosting “paper and bows,” red-hot cinnamon candies, and green icings and trims on tree shapes. Snickerdoodles are among the first cookies many people learn to make — and used as a sandwich cookie with cream-cheese filling, they’ll be among the ones you keep making. For the chocoholics among us, what could be better than Black Forest Cookies, complete with a sinful cherry-chocolate topping…or Coffee and Cookie Brownies, which include a shot of “java” flavor for a double treat? Not to mention Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles or Peppermint-Cream bites…

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Do you like fruitcake — or hate it, and wish you liked it? Try the Christmas Blondies and get all the fun of fruitcake in bite-sized gems of cherry and walnut. Use your spritz cookie molds for the Easy Spritz variety here, or let the kids put their fingerprints on the proceedings with Chocolate Allspice Thumbprints. Need something in a hurry? Yummy No-Bake Bars are peanut butter cookies with panache, while Easy Mallow Cookies are a treat with everything, including the “cherry on top.” Toss in some seven-layer or oatmeal jam bar variations, and you’ll have a cookie jar full of treats for any taste. So take a look these recipes; you might just find a quick and easy new favorite…or several!

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