Quilted Hammocks from Trinity Hammocks

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If you love quilts — and who doesn’t? — you might find the idea of a quilted hammock almost irresistible. Like those treasured covers you burrow under at grandma’s house, these quilted hammocks from Trinity Hammocks wrap you in comfort, with ease of use. They’re weatherproof down to the pillows, to make using them low-maintenance — which is how a hammock should be. Lying in one, swaying gently in the breeze, you just might find yourself nodding off — and get up from a hammock-nap feeling years younger. But there’s another aspect to these particular quilted hammocks that makes them even more valuable: they help contribute to the financial enrichment of people and communities that may be half a world away from you. With these quilted hammocks, as it turns out, Trinity provides “comfort” — on a far-reaching level.

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How? In Trinity’s case, your quilted hammock is one of many put together by a non-profit community development project they’ve seen fit to use and encourage. Making these hammocks is an income-generating activity for women in poor rural regions of Vietnam and Cambodia, a way in which they get sustainable employment. The profits from the sale of these quilts, in turn, are reinvested into the community through an organization called Mekong Plus; that money turns into scholarships for children, agricultural training, and microfinance for small and startup businesses. In other words, while the handcrafting on these hammocks is exquisite…what that handcrafting, in turn, gets for their communities is priceless.

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