Ragged Terrace Design with Amazing Victorian Style

If you want to design your terrace and want to get inspired, then check these pictures of a ragged terrace design that comes with the amazing Victorian style. Everything is simple, yet looks great. This design is really simple and can be easily done. The terrace is never great without a garden, make a small garden in your terrace including some plants, flowers, trees, and distribute some plant pots everywhere to have that relaxing green touch all over the place. A nice, white table and oval mirror are available having the Victorian style, where the table has curved metal legs. This table is decorated by adding two plant pots and a statue to complete the style. To complement the ragged style, a watering pot is placed under the white table for a style that is suitable for the plants distributed. A mesh sofa is added in white with some cushions on it in light colors, and a curved metal garden fence comes also in white and completes the look. A nice table and two chairs are placed in the garden in a lovely color, and the table is decorated with a plant pot. Flowers are available everywhere in lovely colors that reflect a cheerful and peaceful ambiance. A water fountain statue is also present beside some plants, and when turned off, it will definitely add an adorable atmosphere. The overall look of the terrace is amazing and comforting; it doesn’t have much detail and is not exaggerated, just a simple, relaxing place to have a nice time and enjoy.

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