Real Techniques Shows You How to DIY Phoenix Makeup for Halloween

Real Techniques Shows You How to DIY Phoenix Makeup for Halloween Share on Facebook Tweet Google Plus

Stylish Eve continues the countdown to Halloween with a style guide from Real Techniques, which will help you create the perfect Phoenix look for Halloween. We are ten days away from Halloween, if you are low on Halloween inspiration, allow Real Techniques to help you put together a great X-Men costume this year. One of my favorite characters from the series is Jean Gray, aka the Dark Phoenix. If you are having flashbacks to the latest X-men movie in which Jean Gray transformed into the Phoenix, have no fear, this Phoenix look will be much more alluring. Besides, her Dark Phoenix character has a long history of being the sexiest of the X-men characters. Impress your boyfriend or husband with your comic book knowledge this Halloween.

Real Techniques is a makeup accessories company that sells high quality equipment and provides you with free makeup tutorials to help you re-create the perfect look. Even if you have never applied your own makeup before, the tutorials and products are quick and easy to use. With every makeup tutorial, the site will provide a “behind the scenes” blog tutorial, telling you exactly what products to purchase. If you have never used makeup before, or are a new DIY beauty diva, Real Techniques is the perfect company to guide you through the process. Once you finish your “Phoenix eyes” simply finish your look off with another tutorial or simply apply lipstick and create a fabulous “Phoenix” hairdo. Be sure to send us a photo at Stylish Eve so we can see how your Phoenix look turned out. Have a great Halloween!