Remodel from the 80s — Arts and Crafts Kitchen in Minneapolis by David Heide Design

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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then this owner’s house had “heart trouble.” The kitchen was leftover 80s-style, complete with orange walls and white plastic laminate cabinets — a glaring difference from the rich oak woodwork and detailing of the rest of the 1907 home. Fortunately, David Heide Design was able to restore it to its rightful glory, but not without a little elbow grease. “The room was gutted,” Heide recalls, “removing the lowered ceilings, orange walls, and a counter peninsula that restricted circulation.” After removing everything to the walls, the rebuild put cabinetry in place with all the patina an Arts and Crafts kitchen should have — and a few convenient “extras” as well. (Note the clever “carved” detail under the sink — it actually camouflages drawers for cleaning supplies and towels!)

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Now, in place of the unwieldy peninsula, a compact central island provides both extra work space and seating for the cook to relax and peruse recipe books — or have a quick snack. Instead of a garish orange, walls are now natural brick in a complementary shade to the brick-patterned flooring. Removing the lowered ceiling means there’s room for shelving now used to display colorful ceramic bowls and pitchers. Cabinets with leaded glass complement the oak finishes; more ornamental glass details the doorways from the kitchen to other rooms. Modern appliances are built-ins now, freeing floor space, and cleverly hidden behind wood grain doors. While totally modern, this kitchen brings the Arts and Crafts home into much greater authenticity — an addition that will only grow more beautiful with time.

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