Rihanna Hairstyles 2012

”Babe, I can always shock, stun and wow you much more than before!”, it seems that this is the mono that Rihanna has risen in 2012. That has been so, so obvious in everything related to her hair from its colors to lengths, and cuts to styles. Since the end of 2011 till the start of 2012, Rihanna’s hair has been brunette and spiced up with blonde strands, then suddenly it’s turned to be strict blonde and with the rocket’s speed, it’s become black. What a turn?! Shocked, aren’t you?! If you’re, I have to tell you to save your shock to the end as there’re more. Concerning the lengths & cuts, at the start of the year, she has been seen in the medium, shoulder length haircut and recently she’s seen in the long undercut! Now, I have to tell you to take a deep, deep, yet another deep breath then prepare yourself for getting introduced to the diverse hairstyles that she has worn since the start of the year till now. Okay?! The most important thing that you have to know about those hairdos is that some of them are elegant and chic while the others are so shocking and sort of edgy!

Let’s start with the edgy hairdos which she has recently worn with her long undercut hair. Have you ever imagined Rihanna with dread locks? If you have done so, then I’ve to tell you that your dream has come true! She has shocked her audience by sporting those traditional afro hairstyles on her long undercut hair! Can you imagine the look of that combination?! It’s definitely super untraditional, edgy, wild, sexy and eye catching. Besides, she has worn different styles of the updos with such a haircut. Some of them have been sort of simple as; the low buns while some others have been so glamorous and chic as; high and double buns. Besides these and those, she has worn a very untraditional updo which has the same look of the geisha girl’s updo, but in a more volumized way. Plus those last mentioned hair dos, she has sported other ones with that long hair which have looked less edgier, but still sexy and eye catching as; two braids, and low ponytail, besides straight, loose curly and soft wavy hairstyles.

I know that some would say; ”How can they be less edgier or even edgy?!”. My dear woman, remember that she has sported them with long, undercut hair. Bold it in your mind! Now is the time to take you from the side of the bold and edgy haircuts to the other side of the soft and glam ones she has worn during 2012. The most glamorous and chic hairstyles that she has worn are the classic chignons. That’s also besides the straight and naturally curly hairstyles. Let’s not forget to mention that she has also worn in some places the mid height ponytail which had a very casual and stylish way. As you can see, there’s a wide range of brandy new, yet diverse hairstyles in front of all her followers to pick from and sport! Hence, if you’re one of them, why are you still sitting in your place?! Scroll the page down and take a close look at the attached pictures below. Pick the one that suits you then sport it and feel the glamour and edginess of Rihanna!

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