Ring-Bearing Dog Steals the Show at Outdoor Wedding

When many couples get married there is often another member of the family to be taken into consideration and no, we’re not talking about children. Here we are talking about a dog. If you are a dog owner you will know what a great asset they are for meeting people. How often have you had a conversation with a complete stranger in a park, just because you, or both of you, have a dog? And if that dog happens to be a puppy, then be prepared to take five times longer to get from A to B if you are walking as everyone will want to stop and talk to you. Often though, that conversation is just an excuse to play with your puppy for a minute or so. However we know of many couples who, when asked how they met, will admit that one of them was attracted to the other because they had a dog. There seems to be an understanding that if a person loves their dog, they are a good person. What better a recommendation do you need?

On that happy note we had a quick look round to see what we could find for you that might set the tone for the important role that dogs can play in an engagement or wedding. Not only did we find this ‘aww inducing’ video of Maggie, a collie, in her starring role at the wedding of her master, but we found some great photos of dogs as ring bearers too. As far as Maggie’s well-rehearsed role was concerned, well she almost stole the show judging by the reaction from all the guests who were in attendance at what looked to be the perfect outdoor wedding.