Rustic Dining Room Designs by Roche Bobois

Although modernity has been into every interior designing nowadays, some people still don’t prefer it and go for more humble decorations. The rustic style is still preferred by a lot of people for that cozy feeling it reflects; the simplicity and the countryside details look great when gathered with a touch of decoration for the best look. Having a rustic dining room in your house is sure to be unique; it will give you that chic look which is always different. Roche Bobois is an amazing French manufacturer that presents a great collection of rustic dining room designs that come in various styles, colors, and complexions. Since the main theme of these dining rooms is the rustic style, then wood is the main material used in making the different furniture sets like the dining table, chairs, cupboards, and more. You can go for a really simple rustic dining room that has primitive rusting furniture for a unique cozy touch, like this white room having a simple dining set including a wooden circular table and wooden chairs along with a primitive cupboard where a lamp, plate of fruits, and a plant are added to get that farm style, all the furniture comes in white color for a bright look that matches with the used white floors, glass windows, and beige walls.

If you want to keep on the rustic style but not planning for a primitive look, there are more fancy rustic dining rooms that you can use that give you a luxurious look. Make the table and chairs lacquered for example in different degrees that reflect a bright ambiance like having black or grey colored chairs, or you can stick to the fancy brown color degrees of wood that are always luxurious, and also use a more fancy type of wood to give you a better style. Get dining tables in various designs like being round, oval, or rectangular, and the legs of the table can come in many designs like being curved. Walls and floors have a huge impact on the overall look of the dining room, they change the whole look and can make it really fancier like making the walls made of stones in different color degrees, along with tiles for the floor. Chandeliers also are very important and complement the rustic style greatly; they come in various sizes and lengths to choose the best for your room and its size and design. Complete the look of the rustic dining rooms by adding a fire place with a mirror for example, or add different accessories like plants, vases, candles, cups, and of course rugs.

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