Sea-Themed Versace Bags & Shoes for Spring/ Summer 2012 Collection

When the spring and summer seasons knock the doors, people tend to go out more, enjoy the nice and warm air breeze. The beach also seems to be the favorite place for most of the people, where the weather starts to be nice, and the sea brings fresh air. Since women take good care of their fashion and style in all seasons, Versace has brought something special to them. Versace presents a sea-inspired collection of bags and shoes for Spring/ Summer 2012 season. This Versace collection is truly innovative, and the idea of making all bags and shoes sea-inspired will make all women just run to get all of the pieces. You’ll perfectly understand the idea of the sea theme the moment you see Versace’s collection. Bags and shoes presented by Versace will be your best accessories during the spring and summer seasons of 2012. Star fish, sea horse, and sea shells are all seen on Versace bags and shoes.

Different bags are presented; you can see very chic handbags that come in white or light blue colors, and the theme of the sea is seen through sea shells, star fish, or sea horse found on them. These bags become extremely unique, and the presence of Versace logo and cute tassels, the bags are perfect. Versace also introduces extraordinary handles that have a very cute design, Versace logo and amazing tassels. These handles come with long straps made of chains that come in the form of the amazing Versace Greek fret. Many bags have stud detailing on them which gives a more decorative style to make the bag perfect for all times. Now concerning Versace shoes, you can see high-heel and wedge white sandals that have many straps, sea shells, or studs all over them. This Versace Spring/ Summer 2012 collection is totally amazing, and Versace is just a brand that you never regret buying its awesome stuff, so hurry up and choose your favorite.

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