A Secluded Pool in a Busy Oklahoma Neighborhood: Twin Bridges Estate

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When you first look at these peaceful, colorful waterfalls flowing into this beautiful pool, you probably don’t picture yourself in the middle of a busy neighborhood. But thanks to some clever work by Caviness Landscape and Pool Design, the homeowner has a feeling of seclusion and complete privacy in a very small space. Behind the high boulder walls, a row of mature trees wraps around the entire pool and falls area, giving you the impression of being in a forest. A narrow flagstone deck flows around the asymmetrical spa, which in turn has two waterfalls that spill into the pool. Further along the deck is a spot for lounging, where a small pergola and sheltered area tucked into a leafy corner of the yard feature comfy red lounge chairs.

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The clients wanted a natural feel — and they got it, with the use of native Oklahoma plants, boulders, and flagstone. The “beach entry” to the pool slopes down to a natural boulder waterfall, which “steps down” over various levels of rock; in yet another part of the water, a fall combines both cascades and “steps,” and rock has been carved out like a bowl to divert a water flow out the sides. Despite the small yard space, the swimming pool has plenty of room to relax; there’s even a spot where the homeowner can stand up under the waterfall! And, as the sunlight fades, customized light shows give swimmers a dramatic display of color and sparkle through the falling water. It all adds up to a cozy “swimming hole” in the middle of the block — with a little help from Caviness.

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