“Seductively Detailed” Home Focused on African Art in Johannesburg by Antoni Associates

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The home at Oxford 49 in Johannesburg’s tree-lined suburb of Sandhurst is many things: it’s an open, contemporary design, bright and airy with neutral white walls and soaring two-story windows that can bring in the outdoors to complement the interior. What Antoni Associates calls this home, however, is “seductively detailed.” They go on to say, “The interiors contain solid forms, softened with geometric shapes which highlight the owner’s collection of local South African art.” That sets this home apart from many similar contemporary designs: its attention to and focus on art. Paintings provide dramatic colors of red, blue, and yellow against white, gray, and neutral wood grain in a bedroom; likewise, they inject color into the living room, while statuary and ceramics hold pride of place on shelving units there as well.

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Other entertaining and living spaces are graced with more art: statues and carvings reflect in the mirrored panels above the bar and serve as centerpieces on a dining table that comfortably seats 10. The kitchen, with its black reflective surfaces and white counters, provides visual relief — as well as easy entertaining possibilities with the open plan that blends indoors and out. A high marble table and several contemporary-lined stools allow for extra seating for guests or an informal work area that’s only steps away from outdoor leisure. Combining light, white gallery-like walls, and a neutral palette with customized furniture tailored to the owners’ lifestyle, Oxford 49 bears the unmistakable stamp of its occupants; a focus on collections, rather than clutter, is key to a space that works on many levels.

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