Selena Gomez Hairstyles 2012

It seems that the talented actress and singer Selena Gomez is one of the young stars who have considered 2012 to be the year to get themselves a newer, more mature and glamorous look. Yup, ladies! Selena has looked all grown up from head to toe from the start of this year till now. Of course, my smart readers do understand from the last mentioned sentences that today’s topic is going to be all about mentioning the hairstyles worn by the gorgeous singer Selena Gomez this year. But like what mostly happens, I’m not going to start doing so right now and instead, I’m going to tell you one thing about these hairdos. This thing is that some of them have a medium length while the others are either long or super long. That’s just it! Now, we can start the real work! The flowing locks or the down dos, like many of us call them, are from the most heavily worn hairstyles by the young star this year. You have to know that she has worn the straight, curly and wavy down dos, and all of them have given her very eye catching, sexy and feminine looks. Let me tell you that sometimes she has been seen wearing side swept hairstyles which haven’t given her a less sexy or feminine look than the first ones.

Can you guess which hairdos else Gomez has sported this year?! Huh, ladies, think! I do imagine some of you saying secretly to themselves; ‘Ponys!’. Actually, my dear ladies, ponytails are definitely from the hairstyles worn by our lovely superstar during 2012. Mostly, she has sported the mid height or quite high ponytails which have had an awesome look. But let me not forget to tell you that she has been seen once wearing a low ponytail which has had a soft and stylish look. Also, she has been seen sporting a stunning and alluring style of the half up half down hairdos. Besides all of these last mentioned, the actress has sported the layered haircuts which have truly helped her to get a more mature, chic and sexy look. Till now, we’ve known that she has opted for letting her long hair flow loosely, whether by tying it in a ponytail or half up half down do and layering it, right?! Okay, then how else has she styled or worn it?! I can sense that you’re about to say braids, is that true? If yes, I have to tell you that she hasn’t opted for braiding her hair, at least based on what i saw. But to be honest with you, she has used them to accent her half up half down hairdo which has been a smart thing.

Anyways, the talented actress and singer has been seen once, twice or maybe more wearing buns, specifically the mid height and top ones which have had a casual, cool, stylish and eye catching look. I know that you’re asking yourselves right now; ‘has she updo’ed her hair in other ways?!’ Yup, ladies, she has appeared once wearing a faux bob hairdo which has had a very, very classy, elegant and sexy look. That’s just it, we’re done! These are the hairstyles worn by the spectacular and gorgeous young star Selena Gomez this year. Now, I’m going to leave you with yourselves to take a look at the attached pictures below and get inspired with them. Who knows? Maybe, you’ll fall in love with any of them and copycat it! Whether you’re going to do that or not, wish you a glamorous, fabulous and alluring look, my dear readers…

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