Shellcove — A Challenge Successfully Met by Peter Glass and Associates, Sydney

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Take a waterfront property with a steep incline, add council regulations about swimming pool construction and somewhat difficult access to the building site — and you’ve got a challenge, indeed, but one Peter Glass and Associates relished in Shellcove. When hired, the Glass designers knew they had more than just a swimming pool to complete. Besides the pool construction, the owners wanted an extension of a balcony and the addition of a gym, a rumpus room, and a new stairway to connect all the levels. One of the key elements Glass needed to address was pool safety overall; this they did by working a needed barrier into the design as part of a waterfall feature, with a pattern of staggered Himalayan sandstone tiles in a basket-weave pattern. Up-lit at night, this waterfall also helps with removal of leaves from the pool, as they cascade into a shallower part of the water and are easily scooped up.

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With its shimmering blue surface extending seemingly clear to the harbor — thanks to a clear glass edge that gives it an infinite effect — the pool becomes a crowning jewel of this outdoor living area. Deep blue wicker chairs with plump white cushions echo the hues of water, sky, and stone; a full al fresco seating area encourages relaxation after a few laps or a workout. And no back yard oasis is complete without well-placed plantings: star jasmine vines trail around the pool walls, blurring its stone lines into soft harmony with other sub-tropical foliage. Everything from simple lilies to frangipani, palms, irises, cordyline, and bougainvillea make for a fragrant and soothing outdoor hideaway…and by night, wicker-enclosed candles add to the uplighting of pool and waterfall for a breathtaking total effect. Yes, the project was a challenge. But, yes — Shellcove has turned out to be well worth the effort.

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