Shingle-Style Kitchen Remodel by David Heide Design Studio, Minnesota

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When the renovation of this 1924 house was underway, it became clear to David Heide Design Studio that they had more than one “style” to bring to bear on the kitchen, with various family members set to occupy it upon completion. This kitchen was done for family members who wanted a traditional touch; its cream-colored cabinets are a cheerful, bright hue that harmonizes with any other kitchen color. Bright red stove knobs are an especially appealing complement, a color echoed in the antique Oriental rugs on polished oak floors — stained medium-dark to match the flooring in the remainder of the house. In keeping with the aim of preserving local treasures, the cabinets are custom-built for this home by local artisans; knobs are crystal with satin nickel bases.

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The sink is a “farmhouse” model, with a high arching faucet above it that allows plenty of room for washing up, filling watering cans for house plants, or other tasks that need a generous sink and faucet space. Though the countertops are granite, they don’t appear as heavy or “weighty” as darker granite can sometimes look; no doubt the white base contributes to their perfect blend with the light, airy aspect of the kitchen. Ingenious pull-out “drawers” with old-fashioned carvings actually provide a handy modern convenience — storage for cleaners, paper towels, and other items that all too often get jumbled up in an ordinary under-sink space. The David Heide touch has made this kitchen a popular choice among online decorating fans — as well as admired by peers.

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