Ship-Shaped House on Grand View Drive, Hollywood Hills by Whipple Russell Architects

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Nestled in the hills of the Santa Monica Mountainside, the residential neighborhood of Hollywood Hills is home to a number of Southern California’s affluent and elite nouveau riche. With current and former residents like Ashton Kutcher, Kanye West, Sage Stallone and Tyler Perry – the Grand View Drive project, by Whipple Russell Architects, is in great company. According to the design team, the challenge of creating this modern masterpiece lay in the restrictive dimensions of this long and narrow lot. Panoramic views overlooking the shimmering lights of Los Angeles make the living area the central focus of the property. Picturesque vistas ensure rays of natural sunlight reach their target in the natural hardwood flooring and neutral color palette.

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Light and airy is the best way to describe the atmosphere of the property, and Southern California is definitely known for its laid back beachside vibe. Recessed lighting features, and open beams add scale to the space.

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The rooftop deck atop 3 levels of living area is intoxicating with its 360˚ views of surrounding city, ocean and canyon. Contemporary glass railings ensure that absolutely none of the stunning views are obstructed.

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Set behind a pivot door, a sophisticated master suite, in cool tones, portrays the masculine tastes of the trendsetting homeowner. Modern furniture accents with sleek angles and floor-to-ceiling windows are accentuated by a lavish area rug and cosmopolitan works of art.

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Taking their direction from the property owner’s inner passions, Whipple Russell created this structure to mimic the lines of a sea-faring streamlined ship. The angles of the property are impressive, especially when considering the limitations of the lot’s size. Glass, stone and natural wood set the stage for this eco-friendly “smart house”, while the central heating software for this home can be accessed by the owner’s iPad. This feature is very swank, and definitely on trend for the Cali tech-home scene.

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The communal areas of the home were designed very much with entertaining in mind. An open dining room area flows nicely into the professional kitchen and breakfast bar areas. With Boffi cabinets, Gaggenau appliances and stainless steel counter tops, the scene is set for casual and romantic get-togethers. Recessed lighting accompanied by soft shaded hanging lights complement the coruscating shaft windows.

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The glass staircase was designed to have the appearance of it floating up through the middle of the residence. From the lowest level floor to the rooftop rendezvous, this functional piece of art is virtually a sought after contemporary conversation piece. The rejuvenating burst of cyan offered by the extended oil painting livens up the home’s passageways and is a consistent theme in the design.

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The tangelo explosion off the neutral gray background in the wall hanging is just what the living room needs to bring a breath of life into the space. Straight lines and hard textures make for a mannish haven and a modest office nook completes the practicality of this space.

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Both the master bathroom and guest bath harbor classic appeal. Hanging vanity basins keep the contemporary vibe flowing, in harmony with the modern stand alone soaking tub.

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The guest bedrooms are modest, simple and chic, with an element of privacy that is greatly appreciated. Deeper hues atop stark white interiors have helped create a relaxing space.

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From this vantage point, we can see the narrowness of the property line and the deliberate attention to detail the design team took to ensure they create some individuality and character in this cramped space.

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At the end of the day, how awesome would it be to have the ability to escape to a rooftop paradise overlooking the Hollywood Hills? With plenty of sun loungers, and a cozy seating area, bringing the party upstairs can be done with ease on one of those hot Southern California summer nights.