Simple & Cheap Kitchen Design Ideas

If you can’t or you don’t want to be referred to the classic kitchen big names & famous producers, you can also create your own style by mixing several pieces of furniture and choosing a recycling look & a craft style; the result could be amazing and much less expensive. Here are some creative ideas to assemble an original kitchen. To create a kitchen, you don’t necessarily need a lot of things. Just opt for a simple worktop in which you integrate the sink, then add some storage units or shelves and leave a place for the oven. At all the decoration stores, you will find simple kitchen units that you can modulate them the way you want; those are bottom kitchen furniture that can accommodate a sink or stove and you can multiply them according to your needs. Just like professionals, you can opt for stainless steel parts that you assemble together to form a hygienic and very modern kitchen. You can then get a worktop in wood to break the whole stainless look.

Another idea is to furnish your kitchen with big old furniture to cover the entire wall surface and allow a quite large space for storage. If your kitchen space is quite large, you can opt for only low units like buffets without having any upper units. This way you will create an original “length” kitchen. Conversely, if you want to occupy the wall surface, you can choose shelves in different levels to cover the wall space. The shelf at half height will be used as worktop while the high shelves will be dedicated for storage. For more practicality, if your kitchen space allows, you can also build a center island very simply. All you need is to accumulate many small storage units which will serve in double purposes; you will use their surface as worktop while their low shelves and racks will still be very useful for storage.

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