A Slice of Paradise in Costa Rica: 402 Calle Rincon del Mar Luxury Resort House

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With one look, you know you want to pack your bags: it’s a 6,500 square-foot luxury residence, 4,000 of which are covered by a roof and 2,500 of which are open-air living space. What is this fabulous place? Calle Rincon del Mar, located in the exclusive Peninsula Papagayo Resort area on Costa Rica’s northern Pacific Guanacaste coast. This lavish vacation home includes a master suite, a junior suite, and two guest bedrooms — bare-bones descriptions, indeed, for what you’ll find as you explore. Take in the sight of the unique roofline that seems to blend right into the hills around it; listen carefully, and you’ll hear ocean waves below you as you feast your eyes on gorgeous Costa Rican jungle habitat. Sit a while in the open-air living room, right next to the infinity pool, and take some time just to breathe.

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Flooring is a pattern of cool pastel neutrals that blends seamlessly into the pool deck and is set off nicely by casual wicker furniture (well-cushioned, of course) and accessories. Not in the mood for vigorous laps? No problem: just amble over to the open-air spa and treat yourself to bubbles — or head inside to an oval soaking tub in a corner of glass. Note the outdoor barbecue area, perfect for casual meals by day or night; for more formal entertaining indoors, the open-plan kitchen and dining table awaits, a unique blend of wooden carving and sleek minimalism. At the end of the day, snuggle in your sumptuous sleigh bed and dream of your next sunrise in paradise; this home puts everything you need at your fingertips to enjoy your stay to the full.

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