Small 21 Square Meter Red Apartment Design

This is a really challenging design for small apartments. This post presents an amazing design of a tiny apartment of only 21 square meters. You might think that this space can barely take anything, but this design will just surprise you. The special thing also about this design is that the color red is used in this apartment to give a really passionate, pop style that aids in the decorative style. The space is well utilized to supply the apartment with all necessary needs. The walls are painted white to give a bright look, while soft wallpaper with flower prints in grey color is used on one wall, which is the one behind a lovely red sofa. An LCD is hung on the wall against the red sofa, and under it, you can find three small nesting tables. To save space in a smart way and prevent piling up, a loft area is built above the sofa that is reached through a simple white ladder. This loft area is the sleeping area where a bed is placed.

An open kitchen is found beside the sofa where wooden wall and base cabinets are installed and include built-in sink and electric cooker. Colored square tiles are used for the backsplash to add a really colorful look which is very eye catchy. A wooden closet is also found on the other side of the door, and some wooden storage boxes are placed above the door to store more stuff. A small room just beside the apartment’s door is used as a bathroom, where the same colored square tiles of the kitchen are also found to add color to the bathroom. Beside the window, a small dining set is placed including a small table and two red chairs. The dining table is beautifully decorated using romantic red candles, and some plates and cups. Glass enclosures are used for the windows with white wood frames which let the sun light enter the room. Accessorize the look of the apartment using plants, lamps, and portraits. Parquet flooring covers the whole apartment which is really chic and reflects a luxurious style that perfectly matches with the colors of the apartment.

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