Small Apartment Interior Design

Many people face the problem of having a small apartment, because furnishing it right becomes challenging. Many designer have come up with amazing interior designs that suit small apartment well. This apartment is a great example with a space of 58m2, the design is very comfortable and decorative. White color was dominating in this apartment; it is used in the walls and furniture to give a bright appeal to the place. Wooden flooring was used to reflect a neat style that is very luxurious. The living room consisted of a white sofa and a small wooden table, a shag rug was added under them in dark grey color to make a color contrast. An LCD TV is installed in the opposite wall facing the sofa where beautiful windows are found behind it to enlighten the room with natural sun light. The bedroom also came in a decorative way combining the bed, and many shelves and drawers were found to store various stuff while taking small spaces.

Shelves mounted on the walls also were found to store more stuff or add some decorative items like plants or photo frames. Wall hooks were also used which is a very smart thinking as they allow you to hang your clothes without needing much space to do it. The bathroom also included white sets; it combines a toilet, sink, bathroom towel holder, and a shower tray that its wall and flooring was made of grey ceramic tiles for that great color match, while white ceramic tiles were used for the walls of the rest of the bathroom. Beside the living room, a practical kitchen was installed combining all necessary sets and appliances including the refrigerator, burner, stove, sink, and cupboards for storage. Beside the bed you can notice some white shelves where you can put your laptop, papers, books, plant, and more. A small dining table with its chairs was also added in the kitchen for a cozy family meal. In addition, a beautiful large mirror was added across the dining table with a chic frame to reflect the feeling of a large space.

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