28 Small Balcony Design Ideas

Nowadays, living in the heart of the city or even in the suburbs can mean a situation with limited outdoor space. Often, townhouses don’t have gardens bigger than the proverbial postage stamp, and high rises have no private yards at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a great retreat outdoors, as these designs for tiny balconies demonstrate. There are some truly enviable spaces here, too: imagine stepping out on your own mini-deck suspended over a lake, overlooking a park or wooded lot, or with a great vantage point on a central atrium in your community. Potted plants, including rows of espaliered trees, can give you an unfussy “garden” with the bonus of great sky views above. Have a “porch” feel with wicker in pale greens, blues, and white; or, go bolder with tropical reds, turquoise, and yellow.

For the city lover, of course, there’s nothing like the skyline itself to provide a terrific backdrop for outdoor entertaining…especially by night. Colorful railings of wood and stylized picket fences, on the other hand, bring a touch of country to your mini-backyard; in warm climates, an indoor/outdoor balcony that seamlessly connects with an interior expands your living space. Unwind beneath trellises replete with vines, next to a miniature hedge, or in openwork wrought-iron chairs that bring to mind a Paris bistro. And for the ultimate Zen retreat? A touch of bamboo along one wall, floor cushions, and a delicate teak tea table are inviting indeed. Whatever the mood, there’s a balcony here that captures it; browse these and be inspired to make the most of your own little corner of the world!

Engineer Your Space

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