Small Patio Home Joins the “Parade,” 2011 by Rob E McQuay Architecture

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At first glance, you know this home is something different: as you approach through the front door, the first thing you see is…a rock. No, the rock’s not inside the house — it’s behind glass, and part of a rock formation outdoors. But the views through this house let you know immediately that although it’s small, it’s special, just as Rob E McQuay Architecture intended it to be. In fact, this house (Kse 100, to be exact) that is listed on the site only as “small clean line patio home” is so special that it was one of the honorees for the Parade of Homes in southern Utah in 2011. Compact it may be, but it still packs a visual punch — from the vast expanses of glass around three sides of the house to the setting in which it blends like part of nature.

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Part of that visual punch is color, pure and simple. Whether it’s the bright red of kitchen counter and chairs, the blue stone of the patio area, or the expanse of sand-colored neutrals that serve as fitting backdrops for photographic art that features desert scenes, this house fairly glows with color. Recessed lighting creates hues of its own in hallways and outside against garage doors; and, echoing the indoor warm palette, the view out the dining room window provides the cool of green lawn and water cascade against sunlit canyon stone, an ever-changing “still life” and art in its own right. Yes, perhaps this is a smaller home than many that are featured in the honorary Parades; it’s proof in that sense that exquisite gems can, indeed, come in unassuming packages.

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