Smart and Splendid Basement Makeovers by Candice Olson

Ever thought that your basement can be the place where you can literally spend a lot of time while staying at home? Some of you might think that this is totally crazy and unrealistic, but Candice Olson totally made this real and possible with her splendid basement makeovers that are very smart and will totally change the way you think of a house basement. You have no ideas how you can seize this empty and unused space and turn it into a resort where you get to relax and spend an amazing time. Candice Olson offers you a lot of ideas that will totally amaze you; you should really check them out and consider making one of these makeovers to your own basement. Your basement can simply be turned into the most relaxing lounge area ever. You can make a nice living room that gathers anything you can need. Some of the designs include an L-shaped sofa, LCD TV, and even a fireplace for warmth.

It all depends on the space of your basement, if your space allows, you can add ottomans, arm chairs, and more. You can even add a simple dining set beside this living set to make the place perfect for gatherings and for nice meals. Candice’s designs are totally chic, colorful, and beautifully designed in a way that makes the basement perfect. Another idea shows how you can make your basement the best place for your kids. Candice presents a design which includes different games for kids along with relaxing sofas and a TV; this place can be like a dream come true for your kid and his friends, and you’ll save yourself a lot of noise. You can also add a bed and make your kid have the best sleepover with his friends. In addition, your basement can be an amazing home gym where you can spend as much time as you need and practice.

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