Smart Coffee Table Designs with Storage Space

Because we are always looking for additional storage spaces, the coffee table can also become a storage unit! Thanks to Smart forms, you will be able to store some magazines, bottles or even trays inside of the table. Here are some examples for modern & practical coffee table designs. To store in a hidden place, some tables provide a double surface; the top one is used as a traditional table while the bottom surface is used to store some books or tableware. There are some coffee table designs that have the form of real storage units with drawers and storage lockers included. This delicate white coffee table for example has two drawers, and also a big basket made of bamboo that can serve as a magazine holder while bringing a fresh & natural ambience to the living room. To store anything and everything in the coffee table, you can choose a coffee table with a trunk shape! This type of tables will give your interior an original decorative style while allowing you to store large things. Besides those innovative designs, you can always go for a traditional coffee table with integrated drawers; this kind of furniture can be timeless and still practical.

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  1. Plz mail me these coffee table pics. I would also appreciate it if u can regularly send me new n modern home designs, as I’m doing up my new home. Thanks n regards.

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