Smart Design Solutions for a Small Apartment in Gothenburg

It’s quite obvious now that having a small apartment is no longer a problem since the newly presented design ideas for small apartments are great and getting better and better every day. Now, you can have everything you want in a practical, smart design that gathers everything in a small place, all while giving you a decorative look and a comfortable place to live in. This is an amazing small apartment of 56 square meters in Gothenburg that is designed using clever solutions to give you the best without compromise. The thing that is becoming like a rule found in all small apartments is having white walls and parquet flooring. These two reflect a chic style and the dominating white color enlarges the place making it more comfortable and welcoming all while giving a bright look and making furnishing easy with no certain restrictions. The living room includes a black L-shaped sofa, a white rug, and two square nesting tables. Against the sofa, you can see a white table with two big drawers, and a wall hung LCD. This white table is decorated in a very nice way using flowers and candles in beautiful colors. Cushions in different colors and prints are added on the black sofa to make a colorful appearance.

What’s really eye catching and looks amazing in this room is the presence of a chic white fireplace which makes the room warm and adds a lot of style. Wall shelves are present on one wall of the room to store various stuff and add decorative items or plants, and a comfortable chair is added so that you can enjoy reading an interesting book. The bedroom is not large, but it has all what you need. A double bed, a closet, a mirror, and shelves are all available. Splendid printed wallpaper is used making the bedroom so special in light grey color hues, and grey bedding is also used to match with the color of the wall. Romantic candles and plants are found in the bedroom to aid in its decoration and give it some color and special touches. The entrance of the apartment is well seized, and you can see a shoe closet, a small working area that includes a simple chair, and a shelf to put your lap top and work. Various wall shelves are also placed just beside the door so that you can keep your keys, cell phone, wallet, or other stuff. A very smart design idea is done in which a loft area if found that could be reached through a ladder. This loft area has a bed placed in it where someone can sleep over with you; really smart and important!

The kitchen could be reached through a door beside the apartment door and is open to the living room from another side, and pop yellow printed wallpaper is used for the kitchen walls which adds a lot of color and makes the kitchen vivid. The kitchen is supplied with everything you need; cabinetry, cooker, refrigerator, sink, drawers and shelves for storage, and a small dining set that it’s table can be folded or enlarged to give more space and to act as a kitchen island, as well. The bathroom is small but satisfying; it has white square ceramic tiles on the walls, and colored floor ceramic tiles. Everything is found in a small space; you can find the washer and dryer stacked above each other to save space, you can also find a toilet, sink, and shower next to each other, and wall hooks are used to hang your clothes or towels.

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