Smart Solutions to Hide Storage for a Clean Look

Smart ideas are not necessarily complicated; to hide storage, clothing, an office, a washing machine or even a TV from the visual field, sliding doors or blackout curtains can simply accomplish the mission! Check out those clever solutions to provide a clean & arranged interior look. Many people like to install a TV in the living room perspective to enjoy evening’s home theater, but some find it unattractive when receiving guests. Here’s an easy solution called “TV wall with sliding doors.” In a blink of an eye, the small screen disappears behind the lacquered furniture as if nothing had happened. For a bedroom that contains a dressing as well as a home office; thick curtains can replace the role of large closet doors. If we don’t draw the curtain, nobody would ever guess that a small workspace is hidden there, surrounded by thousands of storage: files, clothing and textiles. The washing machine and dryer can really break the harmony of a room. That is why we prefer their storage behind the doors of a closet, especially if they are not installed in a laundry room. When you live in a very small space, the dressing area is often installed in the living room. Do not panic! With storage furniture that totally blinds in the wall, it’s impossible to guess what is stored there; a simple but smart idea. You don’t have enough space for storage in the bedroom? The space under the bed can be very useful. It stores everything and keeps it wisely maintained without anyone noticing

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