Smart Storage Solutions for Small Bathrooms

In the bathroom, a storage space is a must; otherwise where to store daily skin care products and other bathroom stuff? However, not all bathroom spaces are ready to host a freestanding storage unit, on the contrary, most of new apartments are quite small and their spaces can’t accommodate a lot of furniture. That’s why we need more creative ideas to maximize the space while keeping on the practicality and the decorative side. Bathroom designers offer various solutions to optimize small spaces by creating functional yet space saver bathroom storage units. One of the traditional bathroom storage solutions that is still efficient is the washbasin equipped by an attached storage cupboard. It’s one of best ways to optimize the bathroom storage because this space under the sink is often unused. New designs of washbasin storage cabinets provide more functionality through many practical designs like the one with hidden sliding drawers, or other sliding extensions and removable units that offer a very reasonable space inside to accommodate all bathroom necessary stuff while being space-saver and of course decorative. As we always say; when you lack space on the floor, think vertically! The wall surface is the best storage space for small bathrooms; if you add some shelves over the sink or beside it, you will get a quite enough space for your stuff. Also remember to benefit from the mirror! Indeed, the mirror can be a door for a storage unit suspended over the washbasin. There is a new mirror design where it has a folding system to open vertically when you use the unit hidden behind it. There are also freestanding bathroom units available in very thin sizes to not occupy but a minimum of the floor space while it has a nice height to serve as a good storage cabinet. This kind of bathroom storage units is also ideal in a wall recess where space is often lost.

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