Soaring Modern Two-Story Home and Spacious Pool by Steven Kent Architect

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Very few things feel as light, airy, and spacious as a two-story wall of glass — just one of the features of this home by Steven Kent Architect that make it so attractive. Built into a slight incline, the home presents a compact street view: a covered front porch, a stone walk, and landscaped plantings next to a retaining wall. Move inside and through the home, however, and “compact” gives way to “soaring” — with a complete al fresco “room” outdoors. Polished wood floors segue into wood decking and natural stone; at the near end of the pool, a dining table and chairs accommodate easy poolside meals — while at the other end, full-size couches and loungers cozy up to beach umbrellas, and a pocket-size garden enhances the matching spa.

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Looking down from the staircase, a gray stone fireplace is the focal point of the open-plan living and dining areas. They, in turn, flow into the corner kitchen with its mosaic tile walls and stainless-steel island. Up the stairs, more comfort beckons in a spacious master suite. Polished dark wood floors, a corner window, and modern art accent the master bedroom. A sliding door leads to an ensuite bath big enough for two, with twin sinks and vanities and deep mahogany-toned cabinets topped with marble — plenty of storage space for towels and cosmetics — as well as a roomy shower in soothing green tile. Overall, the effect is of peace, space, and solitude — perfect descriptions of this canyon home.

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